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The Hattan Company Ltd.

The Pumpkin Princess

The Pumpkin Princess

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A magical new children's book written by Adam Hattan and illustrated by Xanthe Simmans!


Adam Hattan is excited to present his first ever children's book! The Pumpkin Princess is a wonderfully illustrated tale that teaches little ones to treasure those that love them and ignore those that may try to hurt or bully them. The illustrations add an extra level of detail and intrigue to the already entertaining story. It's perfect for your little one's bedtime routine or as a gift for another little one in your life.

The Pumpkin Princess is set in a beautiful and diverse world that allows children to find themselves represented within the story and connect with the Princess and her squirrel companion. Adam's story has been brought to life by the amazing Xanthe Simmans and her unique illustration style.


Once a year, the Pumpkin Festival brings new life to the kingdom as everyone celebrates their love of the pumpkin harvest and the royal family that rules over them.

The young Princess is now old enough to take on her royal duties but must first learn to navigate those that may not like her or even like pumpkins (her favourite thing in the whole world). 

Will the Princess learn to turn a blind eye? Or will she learn what happens if you focus too long on the few people that don't like you?

The story teaches little ones how they can deal with bullies, trolls and those that may disagree with them. It's light hearted and fun, with just a touch of magic. The illustrations in particular make this a wonderful read for your little one.


Pages: 32
Publisher: The Hattan Company Ltd.
Recommened Audience: Children 3-7
ISBN: 9781916089754
Language: English (UK)
Size: 280mm x 200mm x 5mm

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Please note: this first edition has a minor typo on page 18. The team are aware and have corrected this for future editions.

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