Need to get in touch? Let's get you to the right place.

Please review the below options to check which is the best place to contact for your needs. As our business operates with third-parties, each contact centre may only assist with their specific area of business.

Merchandise Customer Services 

For merchandise purchased from (e.g. t-shirts, hoodies, mugs etc.), please contact our partner Spring via with your order number and any information that will help their team assist you.

Book Customer Services 

For assistance with book orders purchased from, please email with your order number and any information that will help our team assist you.

Business Enquiries

For business enquiries, such as YouTube advertising, charity work, publishing or similar, please contact James at Free Focus management:

Postal Address

For letters or parcels, please note we are currently in the process of moving offices. Please check back soon for our new mailing address.