Competition Terms & Conditions

Adam Hattan's Moooorning Club - General Competition Terms and Conditions

This page outlines the general terms and conditions for prize draws hosted by The Hattan Company Ltd. and advertised on the Adam Hattan Patreon page. Occasionally/monthly (schedule dependant) a new prize draw will take place which allows currently subscribed Adam Hattan Patreon members to have a select number of complimentary entries to a prize draw, and members of the public one no-purchase-necessary entry. The winner(s) (and runners up where applicable) will be drawn at random from all valid entries. Competitions typically open on the 1st of the month and close on the 15th of the month.

For details of the available prizes or specific terms in conjunction, or in exception to the following terms and conditions, please review the relevant named month's Competition Post on the Adam Hattan Patreon page.

The Hattan Company Ltd. is the legal operator of Adam Hattan's Moooorning Club and the subsequent Adam Hattan Patreon page found at:



'Active Subscriber,' 'Active Subscribers' or 'Active Subscription' refers to an individual that has a current and active monthly paid subscription (membership) to the Adam Hattan Patreon page. A choice of membership tiers allow individuals to subscribe to a number of benefits offered by The Hattan Company Ltd. under the brand name of the 'Moooorning Club.' An individual must be currently subscribed to one of the appropriate membership tiers, without any declined payment, in order to be considered an 'Active Subscriber,' 'Active Subscribers' or to have an 'Active Subscription' in the language of these terms and conditions.


A 'Competition Post' refers to the text/image posting to the Adam Hattan Patreon social media page (, announcing any given competition. This post will outline the specific prizes for any given competition, how many winners, how many runners-up (if any) and any specific terms and conditions for that particular competition. A Competition Post is the sole activator for a new competition and these terms and conditions.

- Competition posts will typically be posted to the Adam Hattan Patreon page on the 1st of the month.
- If a Competition Post has not been posted to the Adam Hattan Patreon page by the 1st of the month, then there is no competition being run for that month.
- In circumstances where a competition is not being run for any given month, Active Subscribers will not be entitiled to a refund of their membership fee, nor will they be entitled to compensation, or the ability to have their complimentary entries rolled over to another competition.
- If used, 'Monthly' refers to the intended nature of the competition schedule, however, there may be months where no competition is run. 
- The decision to run, cancel or amend any given competition, is done so at the sole discretion of The Hattan Company Ltd. (the legal operator of the Adam Hattan Patreon page).



If you're an Active Subsciber to the Adam Hattan Patreon page, there is nothing you need to do to enter a competition. Your Active Subscription gives you a select number of entries for every competition, dependant on your membership tier:

GOLD MEMBER: 2 Entries

Your entries are automatically included in every competition as standard. If you're not currently an Active Subscriber but would like to gain access to the above number of entries, please click here to visit Adam Hattan's Patreon page. Follow the on-screen instructions to create or log in to your Patreon account, and subscribe to the membership tier of your choosing (purchase/subscription is necessary for this entry method). 

- Entrants' given number of complimentary entries will be determined by which membership tier they have an Active Subscription for, as of the close of business on the date a given competition closes.
- The Hattan Company Ltd. reserves the right to exclude any entries from any Active Subscriber at it's sole discretion and without explanation. 
- Active Subscribers may withdraw themselves from any or all competitions at any time, by emailing and requesting their complimentary entries be excluded. 
- No refunds will be issued to Active Subscribers through Patreon, in circumstances where a dispute arrises from a competition.
- Entries gained through an Active Subscription may not be used in conjunction with a Free Postal Entry.
- Not having an Active Subscription at the time of a given competition closing, will mean you have not been entered into said competition. 
- Should you cancel your Active Subscription, you will no longer be included in any current or future competitions, unless you should re-subscribe to become an Active Subscriber, and by a given competitions' closing date.

2. Free Postal Entry (NO PURCHASE NECESSARY)

If you are not currently an Active Subscriber and would not like to become one in order to enter a given competition, please write to the below address with the heading 'Patreon Competition Postal Entry', and include the named month competition you are choosing to enter (e.g. 'March 2024'), your full name, email address, shipping address and phone number:

The Hattan Company Ltd.
2 Brookhill Way
OX16 3ED
United Kingdom

- Postal entries open on the 1st of each month and close on the 15th of each month (e.g. If you're entering the March 2024 competition, your entry must be received between 1st - 15th of March 2024).
- A Free Postal Entry may not be used in conjunction with the entries gained through an Active Subscription.
- One valid Free Postal Entry per person, per competition.
- If choosing to enter multiple competitions, entrants must send a new Free Postal Entry for each named month's competition they are choosing to enter. Free Postal Entries cannot be rolled over to another competition or reinstated. 
- In circumstances where hand-writing is not easily legible, or the Free Postal Entry is incomplete in some way, the entry will be considered invalid and destroyed. 
- Free Postal Entries will be destroyed 30 days after the conclusion of any given competition, unless in circumstances where a dispute has been raised, or a Free Postal Entry was drawn as a Winner or Runner-Up. In these circumstances, the Free Postal Entry will be retained to act as evidence in the completion and/or legal compliance of any given competition.


- ​Each competition will open between 00:00am and 23:59pm GMT/BST on the 1st of the month. (e.g. the 'March 2024 Competition' will open at any time on 1st March 2024). 
- Each competition will close at 23:59pm GMT/BST on the 15th of the same month (e.g. 15th March 2024).
- Active Subscribers may cancel/amend/upgrade their membership tier at any time during the competition opening times, in order to cancel/reduce/increase their number of Active Subscriber entries. However, entries from their previous membership tier will be voided, should they make a change to their membership tier prior to the competition closing time. Only their current and active membership tier as of the competition closing time; will be considered in assigning the correct number of valid entries to the entrant.
- Competitions are open to residents worldwide. With the exception to those currently residing in areas not currently accessible through Royal Mail, either by the result of war, sanctions, limited services or otherwise. Please click here for an up to date list of any excluded areas. 
- Entrants must be aged 18 years or older.
- One allotment of entries per person, per competition. Any additional entries will be disqualified (for example: a person may not have two active Platinum memberships in their name, in order to get 6 total entries. This would be limited to one allotment of 3 entries per the above). 


- The number of winners will be clearly advertised in the image and/or text copy of the Competition Post.
- A select number of Runners-Up may be drawn. As standard, these are not expected for every competition, and will only be offered/drawn if clearly stated in the Competition Post text copy for a specific compeition. 
- The winner(s) (and runners-up where applicable) will be drawn at random through the use of a random number generator. 
- The prize draw will take place within two weeks of the competition's closing date.
- The winner(s) (and runners-up where applicable) will be notified prior to the 1st of the following month (e.g. a winner for the March 2024 competition, will be notified by 1st April 2024).
- The winner(s) (and runners-up where applicable) will be contacted via the email address or telephone number provided via their Patreon account or their Free Postal Entry. 
- Entrants should be mindful of potential scams and not accept any requests, follow-back, click links, provide information or otherwise from/with any social media account that appears to be Adam Hattan, the Moooorning Club, The Hattan Company or Patreon.
- The winner(s) (and runners-up where applicable) will need to confirm their identity, residency and that they are 18 years or older by the way of a government issued ID (e.g. driving license or passport). This will be possible by either sending a photocopy, scan or photo of said ID to The Hattan Company Ltd. by email or mail at the time of claiming a prize.
- The winner(s) (and runners-up where applicable) may also be required to provide evidence of their valid Active Subscription, should their winning entry be from this entry method.
- The winner(s) (and runners-up where applicable) will have one week to claim their prize.
- After one week, if the winner(s) (and runners-up where applicable) have not claimed their prize, the prize will be forfeited and the use of said prize will be at the sole discretion of The Hattan Company Ltd.
- The Hattan Company Ltd. may at their sole discretion choose to make a maximum of two (2) draws in the event of prizes going unclaimed. Beyond two draws, the prize may no longer be issued within the same competition.
- There is no cash alternative for any winner or runner-up prize ever offered under these terms and conditions. If the winner(s) (and runners-up where applicable) choose to not accept the prize as described, they will be forfeiting their win entirely. 


Full details of any competition prize will be advertised on the Competition Post. This may be through an image and/or text description of the prize, and the specifics around what's included for any winner and/or any runner-up. Please see above for details on how to view the applicable Competition Post.

- The winner(s) (and runners-up where applicable) will receive their prize within 28 working days from the date of successfully claiming their prize (including the verification of their identity, residency and age).
- Requests to transfer or gift a prize are not guaranteed and are handled at the sole discretion of The Hattan Company Ltd.
- The Hattan Company Ltd. reserves the right to replace any element of the prize (both in part or in full) by an alternative prize of equal or greater value.


Some prizes, such as gift cards, may have an expiration date outside of The Hattan Company Ltd.'s control. It's the winner(s)' (and runners-up where applicable) responsibility to use any prize by their expiration date. The Hattan Company Ltd. will not offer any alternative prize or compensation should the winner(s) (and/or runners-up where applicable) fail to use their prize before expiration. 


- These competitions are not affiliated with the Patreon platform. Competitions are hosted by The Hattan Company Ltd., and advertised on Patreon, with an Active Subscription as an optional way to enter. Entrants or members of the public may not contact Patreon for information about these competitions, nor to raise a dispute about any given competition.
- These competitions are in no way affiliated with The Walt Disney Company, Patreon or any other company that may have a branded product featured as part of a competition prize. The Hattan Company Ltd. is strictly only utilising publicly available products as prizes.
- The Hattan Company Ltd. accepts no liability for scammers who may attempt to impersonate Adam Hattan, The Hattan Company or Patreon. Entrants should be mindful of potential scams. Please do not accept any friend request(s) from an account that may appear to be Adam Hattan/The Hattan Company/Patreon or otherwise, nor provide personal information to any person/account/entity that may say they are, or acting on behalf of the above. 
- The winner(s) (and runners-up where applicable) will only be contacted by The Hattan Company Ltd. via their official email address ( or via the telephone number provided at entry.
- Entrants understand that their first name, last initial, hometown/county and country, may be used to notify the general public of their win. 
- The general public may request the public details of the winner(s) (and runners-up where applicable) by emailing after the 7th of the proceeding month after a given competition. 
- Entrants agree to be contacted via telephone or email regarding the competition.
- Any questions or concerns regarding competitions may be emailed to

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws and courts of England and Wales.